Most Famous Murder Dolls from Movies

There is something in particular about a decent executioner doll blood and gore film that, similar to a malicious child flick, utilizes the unforeseen juxtaposition of evident guiltlessness with shaking wickedness to make a fun, regularly ridiculous—however now and then very chilling—great time. Here are probably the best executioner doll films.

Note: This rundown centers around motion pictures (or treasury stories) that rotate to a great extent around executioner dolls. For instance: While Poltergeist has an unbelievable executioner comedian doll, it’s restricted to a great extent to one scene, along these lines this motion picture is excluded from the rundown. Correspondingly, while Saw has a noticeable doll, the doll itself isn’t generally the antagonist of the film.

Child’s Play (1988)


There’s a reason Chucky has become a horror legend. The doll possessed by the spirit of a serial killer is one bad mutha. While later sequels turned him into a sympathetic antihero, in Child’s Play he’s a lean, mean killing machine who keeps coming back for more mayhem.






The Conjuring (2013)

The newest horror icon, haunted doll Annabelle made a splash as a B-story outshining the A-story in The Conjuring, her terrifying introduction as scary as any evil doll scene since Poltergeist. Of course, she warranted a movie of her own, but the origin story pales in comparison to The Conjuring.







Trilogy of Terror (1975)

Dark Sky

Had Trilogy of Terror been a theatrical release rather than a TV movie, the Zuni hunting fetish doll in the “Amelia” segment of this anthology might be as popular today as Chucky. He certainly has my vote for Most Vicious killer doll, as he attacks anyone around him with the rabid, relentless energy of the Energizer bunny on acid while squealing like Gilbert Gottfried swallowing a cat. Any scene he’s in is full of insane hilarity. The 1996 sequel is a solid but overly referential follow-up.




Dolls (1987)

Playing like a dark fairy tale, Stuart Gordon’s Dolls is throwback “old dark house” effort with a gleefully grisly sense of humor, as a group of travelers on a dark and stormy night end up stranded at a mysterious country home whose elderly owners have a large collection of dolls that like to punish wrongdoers.







Magic (1978)

Before he was Hannibal Lecter, Anthony Hopkins delivered a tour-de-force performance in this film from Oscar winner Richard Attenborough (Gandhi) as a mentally unhinged ventriloquist who forms a dark, co-dependent relationship with his dummy, which seems to have a mind of its own.