Circus – November 2002

Slipknot’s Joey
In Tongue & Cheek Murderdolls
by Adrian Gregory Glover

The Murderdolls are out and in full force supported by a street record titled Beyond the Valley of the Murderdolls which is an updated version of the excess that ruled hard rock in the late 70’s and early 80’s. Throw in a pinch of English goth and you’ve got something that is a direct contradiction to founder Joey Jordison’s claim-to-fame Slipknot.
Recently we spotlighted another SK offshoot band Stone Sour so providing a lead-in on that angle will be kind of redundant. Instead, lets update the couple of the main things surrounding the band. The biggest of which involves guitarist Tripp Eisen who has left the situation for reasons that will be discussed below. His replacement is former Dope bandmate Acey Slade who is currently touring with the band. The remaining line up is singer Wednesday 13 (the only other studio contributor to the record), bassist Eric Griffin and drummer Ben Graves. That said, Joey fill in any remaining blanks.

CIRCUS MAGAZINE: The obvious question is do you think Knot fans are gonna freak?
JOEY: Maybe some of them will. I’ve always said that I’m into all kinds of metal. The really heavy shit like Death and the early glam like Motley Crue. Murderdolls is really tongue-in-cheek and its fun. There’s a huge difference between that and Slipknot – but that’s the point.

CIRCUS MAGAZINE: I just talked to Shawn (does he mean Corey?) and obviously what he’s doing with Stone Sour is much different from this is. Do you think that your punky glam influence, his straight-ahead rock thing and even other sides of other guys that we haven’t heard yet is what makes Slipknot what it is?
JOEY: Oh totally. If you listen to Slipknot songs you’ll hear little bits and pieces of Shawn’s thing and my thing and whatever. Like I said I love metal so what I do in Murderdolls or Slipknot for that matter is not the be all and end all for me. I have so many other ideas for things and I think that comes out in Slipknot maybe more than just a little bit of Murderdolls side and what have you.

CIRCUS MAGAZINE: Now, for the record what happened with Tripp?
JOEY: He had other commitments and I wish him well. If he was going to be involved in the writing of the new Static X record he had to go and do that. We just got Acey Slade who also used to be in a band called Dope and we haven’t missed a beat.
Not to take anything away from Tripp, he’s a great guitarist but I pretty much played all of the music on the record by myself. The drums, bass and guitars except for a few little things are me. So for what it’s worth Murderdolls are moving along with more momentum than ever.

CIRCUS MAGAZINE: How have the first few shows been so far?
JOEY: Really cool man. Like I said Acey has worked out great and the kids are leaving with big smiles on their faces. I’ll tell you what the best thing is that there’s all kinds of people coming out. Obviously Slipknot fans, but you’ve got goth kids, some punk, some older metal (heads), it’s really cool.

CIRCUS MAGAZINE: Do you think that Murderdolls are going to break down the walls between all of the different genres in metal? You know a lot of your fans would hate this band if you were not in it.
JOEY: True but that can only get you so far. It’s not as if Murderdolls are getting up and doing a really party thing. It’s all tongue-in-cheek horror kind of spirit.

CIRCUS MAGAZINE: I think that helps keep a lot of the curious Knot fans into the whole thing.
JOEY: Maybe a few of them will go back and get into early (Motley) Crue or Twisted Sister like I am into. They don’t have to and if they want they can wait around for a new Slipknot album which is going to be a long time coming. I hope some people do kind of pick up on that metal is not just about one thing. Go get a Plasmatics record and see where your music now came from.

CIRCUS MAGAZINE: Cool. So are people still tripping because they can see your face now? Then again it’s not like you couldn’t find pictures of it online. You’re one of the very few people that have mentioned that.
JOEY: It’s so true. I don’t care if that’s all anybody want to talk about. Those pics that are online are just another example of the way things are now. If Kiss were around right now like they were it would be the same thing. That really takes the fun out of it for me at least.

CIRCUS MAGAZINE: Well look at it this way – at least you took the power away from those sites.
JOEY: Oh totally. We could all care less about that to be honest. We had to do it for separation. If I really wanted this to live or die on its own I couldn’t subject the guys in this band to having to wear the uniform. Plus, that would have been really a shot at Slipknot too, so when we get back together the mask will be back.