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Wednesday 13 (vocals) : “My first tattoo, unfortunately, was the moon and the snake which I got when I was 18 years old. I was looking through different tattoo magazines and just kinda doodling around with a couple of ideas I saw. It was done by some guy who was tattooing in my town. He was good, he wasn’t just your jailhouse tattoo guy. When I got the Pinhead done a couple of years later I didn’t wanna look at the first tattoo because the other arm was so nice. A guy named Steve Huntsbery did that. He’s done all my work. He has a studio in Charlotte, North Carolina. He’s the guy I go to now ‘cos I feel so comfortable with him. He hasn’t done anyone well known or anything, he just does local yokel guys from my town who want a teddy bear holding a strawberry! So whenever I come in, he’s like “Thank you!” He did my Boris Karloff next and the whole time I was thinking about what I could get to follow it. So I got a new horror character and then an old horror character. I was originally gonna get Linda Blair from the Exorcist, but I decided to go with Lillian and Herman Munster instead. I’m just gonna stick to black and grey work because I don’t like colour much. I like it on other people but, but not on me.”

Morat : “You seem to be very into the horror theme.”
W13 : “Well you can tell that from our albums as well. My whole life has been based around television. I like everything on TV, but the Munsters is my favourite black and white show of all time. I’ve always been into TV and movies. The horror characters just stood out in my mind. And in the same way as I have horror tattoos, it reflects our band as well. I mean, our songs are either based on movies or could be made into a really horrible B-movie. I’ve always been influenced by that. Our whole band came out of the same dumpster. I wish our whole band was tattooed, but it’s only me and Acey. Joey (guitar) is the kind of guy who says “If I get them done, I want sleeves in a day.” That’s crazy! It’s not gonna be that easy and once you get them done you’re gonna change your mind. I always looked at tattoos on rock bands when I was growing up and it’s amazing what I thought was cool, when I was like ten years old. I look back now and think ‘Man, I’m glad I didn’t do that.’ I used to think Vince Neil’s barbed wire bands were so cool and if I’d been allowed to get tattoos when I was ten I’d probably have got that. I’m trying to keep a theme going. I’ve started adding pieces from The Nightmare Before Christmas. I’ve got plans to get the Texas Chainsaw Massacre family somewhere and I want the Creature from the Black Lagoon on my leg. I wanna be a giant walking version of the last 30 years of television!”

Acey Slade (guitar) : “my first tattoo was my family crest. I was in a band at the time that played for a motorcycle gang and they said we could have 100 bucks each or a tattoo. I knew how much tattoos cost, the guy was a halfway decent artist and I knew exactly what I wanted so I got that. After that I got a little Sagittarius thing that was done at Sunset Strip Tattoos. I always wanted to get a tattoo there so at least I could say that I got one from Pee Wee at Sunset Strip. The next one was the star and crescent which I got on New Year’s Eve in New Orleans and that’s what it represents. If you’ve been there, they have the star and crescent everywhere and it’s my favourite city in the whole world. It’s America’s most haunted city and it’s so decadent. Ironically it’s only recently that they’ve been able to have tattoo shops in the Quarter, so we had to go really far outside it. The one underneath it means Dope, which was my old band, and it’s all UV stuff , so hopefully it won’t give me cancer. Next was the Geiger phoenix. I wanted something a little bit tribal, but I didn’t wanna go full on into it. That’s got UV around it too. At this point I knew I was going to be getting a lot of tattoos! Then I got the voodoo doll, again because of the whole New Orleans thing, although it was done in St Louis. 90 percent of my stuff was done by Jay Borg in St Louis. From there I decided I wanted to get the rings done, and I liked the idea of the matching crescents, the balance of positive and the negative. But I wear a lot of red and black and I wanted something that looked like a shirt. It’s kinda funny because people sometimes think I have a striped shirt on. The tribal stuff on my back I got done when my grandfather died because he was an important person to me. It’s kind of in memory of him. It’s supposed to be wings without being wings. He wasn’t necessarily into tattoos, but he was into the idea of me being an individual. I remember when I was working day jobs and I’d come home and say ‘They fired me again because I got my lip pierced!’ He’d be sitting there in his chair going ‘I can’t wait ’til your music thing takes off and you don’t have to worry about this crap from these people anymore!’ I get a variety of reactions from ‘Oh wow, can I see that?’ to the dagger eyes. I live in New York so it takes a lot to turn people’s heads, but when I go back to my mom’s house in Pennsylvania, back in the suburbs, people give you the second look. My dad had an 82nd Airborne screaming eagle, so I guess that’s why I wanted one in the first place. But it’s actually pretty funny. He was supposed to go into the Airborne and he got his paperwork and all that stuff. So he went and got the screaming eagle. Then, after he had it done they changed his paperwork, and he ended up in communications! Even as a kid, my sister had this water-colour kit and there’s a picture of me where I’d painted this big scorpion on my arm. I always wanted to get tattoos. I think it’s really cool to be able to express yourself with art that stays with you. I’m planning to get loads more. Definitely some horror tattoos. I like a lot of Halloween stuff.”

Morat: “As I said to Wednesday, that seems like a common theme with Murderdolls. It’s almost like a gang thing.”
Acey: “Sure. But we all joined in kind of a loose manner. People talk about the image, but it’s a lifestyle for us. I can’t go home and take this off! So it’s kinda funny for people to say we’re an image based band because it’s not an image if it comes from your heart and you can’t change it! I think it’s more like kindred spirits rather than an intentional thing. I don’t know where my music career’s going to go and I know that everything comes to an end, but I know that I always want to be in the music business, whether it’s managing a band or, God forbid, working at a record label. It’s in my heart and it’s what I do. And this is a job where you can get away with being tattooed. But tattooing has changed so much in such a short amount of time. I mean, when I got my forearms done people would look at me like I had snakes growing out of my eyes! But then, I like that reaction.”

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