Tribute – Glen Danzig


Whether you know it or not, this man is responsible for directly or indirectly influencing most bands that you know and love. Every facet of his bands, their logos, even their images have been carved into the flesh of music history with such fury that it is unlikely to ever fade. Starting with the formation of a legendary punk band, The Misfits, in 1977. The Misfits have become the standard to which many bands are judged by. Their songs have been covered by it seems like everyone under the sun, and why not? they’re classic! Some of the more famous covers have been done by Metallica: Last Caress/Green Hell and Die Die My Darling. But don’t you dare forget his other bands that have just as much cult status, Samhain and Danzig. Samhain was started in 1983 when Glen disbanded the Misfits. Eventually, Samhain transformed into Danzig in 1990, still continuing the legacy of dark brooding music but turning from punk to a more melodic metal sound. But don’t expect every Danzig album to sound the same, as Danzig is continually morphing into something different and usually something more evil. Glen Danzig is an icon of American music as all three of his bands have contributed to changing the face of music as we know it. Nevermind his beautiful and ominous classical solo effort – Black Aria.

Glenn Danzig Biography
Born on June 23, 1955 – He graduated from Lodi High School (New Jersey) in 1973. Glenn was The Misfits’ lead singer and songwriter. In 1983, he started Samhain with Misfits photographer and roadie Eerie Von and Mourning Noise drummer Steve Zing. Glenn was Samhain’s singer and songwriter. In 1987, Glenn changed the name of the band to Danzig. He also recorded as Glenn Danzig And The Power And Fury Orchestra and has released a solo album. Glen has also produced or written music for Roy Orbison, Kinghorse, and Johnny Cash.